Alexis Chen, BS, PhD, CMT

Alexis grew up in Shanghai, China. After receiving her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University, she went on to pursue her PhD at The University of New South Wales, Sydney, under a full scholarship from the Australian government. Her PhD thesis documented her analysis of microscopic images from transplanted organs enabling the grading of severity of rejection. This assisted surgeons in the treatment of patients with proper anti-rejection drugs.


As an avid marathon runner, Alexis has always been interested in the human body and its injury mechanisms. She has also benefited greatly from massage therapy that enabled her to recover quickly from minor injuries and helped prevent further injury. She subsequently developed a passion to learn massage techniques and bring the benefits of massage to others. Alexis has been working with the track and field athletes and women’s soccer players at Stanford University. She has also worked with chiropractors and personal trainers. Alexis is certified in CPR, AED and First Aid for Children, Infants and Adults. 


In her spare time, besides running, Alexis loves traveling, backpacking in the desert, and cooking and eating.