About SMI

SMI is a public benefit nonprofit corporation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of overuse injuries, optimization of human function and enhancement of athletic performance. Through education, research and clinical services we help active individuals and athletes of all abilities maximize their potential and function at the highest level possible.

SMI was established in 1997 in a cooperative effort by therapists, physicians, researchers, athletes and coaches. Together we developed unique soft tissue therapies to help prevent injury and dysfunction, to expedite recovery from occupational and athletic injuries and to enhance athletic performance. SMI quickly became one of the premier orthopedic and sports massage clinics in the United States.

Over the past 15 years SMI has added a number of services that complement the original focus on manual therapy. With the addition of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional services and personal training, SMI has evolved into a comprehensive performance center.

Whether you are doing laps in the pool or on the track, negotiating in the board room, logging hours behind the computer, trying to lose weight or chasing kids around the house, SMI can help maximize your ability to perform!