Tracie Grufman, CMT, NMT

Tracie has always been in the business of helping people. For over 20 years she worked as a chef in San Francisco, utilizing her skills and expertise to bring healthy meals and nutritional education to those who needed it most through programs focused on serving youth and underserved populations.

Eventually her long hours in the kitchen began to take a toll on her body and she realized she needed to make some changes. In the process of seeking treatment she discovered neuromuscular therapy and was fascinated and inspired by the healing it brought her. Her own treatment led her down the path of pursuing a career in neuromuscular therapy. She attended the National Holistic Institute where she graduated from both the Core program and then the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program.

Tracie has learned from her own experience the value of manual therapy in treating injuries, pain and movement dysfunction and she is passionate about sharing these benefits with others. Her experience with working through her own injuries only adds to her expertise as a manual therapist.

When not working, Tracie enjoys playing tennis, bike riding, going camping, and hosting cooking classes!